Get to Know About Suburban RV Water Heaters and Their Benefits

Hot water is required for bathing, washing dishes and other ancillary purposes when out camping. Heaters installed in Recreational Vehicles (RV) are known as RV water heaters. They provide a steady supply of warm water and run on gas (generally propane), electricity or a combination of both. Modern RV water heaters can be powered on and off from inside the vehicle. RV water heaters come in the tank and tank-less varieties. 6 and 10 gallons are popular tank sizes. There are a number of manufacturers that make durable and efficient RV water heaters, and Suburban is one of the best brands available.

Benefits of Suburban RV Water Heaters

Fastest Recovery Rates in the Industry

Suburban water heaters have one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. Popular Suburban models are rated at 12,000 BTUs, allowing them to heat up a large amount of water in a very short amount of time. Fast recovery means more hot water and fewer cool water cycles. Heaters that use both gas and electricity result in even higher recovery rates.

Prevents Corrosion of the Water Tank

Suburban water heaters are known for their porcelain-lined steel water tanks and foam insulation which prevent corrosion of the water tank from the electrolytic action. Heated water corrodes most metals, but the porcelain-lined steel tank features a replaceable anode rod that absorbs the destructive, corrosive action of heated water, ensuring that the entire system lasts longer.

Long Life

Suburban water heaters have a long life due to corrosion-proof porcelain-lining of their water tanks. When maintained properly, the tank lasts many more years than the three-year limited warranty. All Suburban tanks are pressure tested twice during the manufacturing process to ensure integrity. The heater itself is built from high-quality materials that allow it to function for extended periods without malfunctioning. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for several years.

Designed For Easy Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Suburban water heaters are designed for easy installation even by a novice. Operating the heater is extremely simple and usually just involves flicking the right switch. Maintenance is easy as well, and can be done regularly without any professional help. All operating switches are conveniently located in a housing unit behind a removable outer door, along with the electric heat element and the anode rod. Small rough-in openings in a Suburban water heater allows easy installation without interfering with an RV’s exterior design.


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