12 Volt Heater – Makes a Major Difference in Your Power

Everyone loves to play in the snow and make a snowman in the winters. Dressing up in cozy jackets and boots is another thing to look forward to in winter. The only concern for homeowners is to keep their home warm and comfortable. While your homes HVAC system can take care of all such needs for you, they do come at the cost of increased utility bills. 12 volt heaters can be extremely beneficial for people looking for a cost-effective alternative.

12 volt heaters are also small and portable, allowing you to use them in cars, RVs, when camping or keep your pets and animals warm.

Features of 12 Volt Heaters 

Versatility: Modern 12 volt heaters come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some are small enough to fit intoyour palm while others can be mounted on RV ceilings. Depending on your intended use, you can go for a fixed or a portable model. Some even allow operation using liquid propane that can be used when camping in remote locations without access to a power supply.

Eco-Friendly: 12 volt heaters are extremely efficient and eco-friendly. It makes a minimal impact on the environment and when camping, you will not be harming nature by using it.

Low Power Consumption: A 12 volt heater uses minimal power. In fact, some models use even less power than a hair dryer. Being compact in size, it can be used in the house, in an RV, at camping sites, cabins, etc. These room heaters are most preferred option for truck drivers and campers.

Homeowners are increasingly using 12 volt heaters to keep their home warm. With a 12 volt heater running, you can minimize use of central heating or the fireplace. Since these heaters can be operated using batteries too, they are a dependable source of warmth during a power outage. A fully charged battery can power a 12 volt heater for 6-7 hours. A marine or industrial battery would last even longer.

12 volt heaters are the perfect choice for saving power and reducing your utility bills.


About Hebron Stores

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