Portable Car Heater—Anytime, Anywhere

For those cold winter days or especially during the chilly spells, a car heater is a necessity, not just a luxury. Don’t endure sitting in your car freezing when there is a range of heating options available.

Portable car heating units offer a variety of conveniences. Besides, providing instant heat and different heating options, the system often features a moveable base and multi-directional positioning, so you can direct the warm air any way you want. The unit, while promptly and efficiently generates heatto your vehicle’s interior,it also helps to quickly de-fog windshields and defrosts windows, an added convenience during the snowy season.

The portable car heater is useful not just when it’s cold and chilly. The item can easily be used to cool you during those sweltering summer days as the heater can act as a fan.

The unit often comes with a handy automatic temperature control,which boasts of having a compact size, so it is easy to carry around in your vehicle. It easily connects to an automobile’s standard accessory outlet and operates noiselessly so you won’t need to worry about any annoying sounds.

Some portable car heaters also has an auto-safety limit switch for added safety, mounting screws, providing another installation option, and long power cords. Most are encased in durable plastic casing so you won’t have to worry about their durability.

Perfect for drivers, campers, and RVs, portable car heaters are those conveniences that you would be thankful having in your car during those days when temperatures are at the extreme. You can order one today. From our wide range of top-quality heating units, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and needs.


About Hebron Stores

Hebron Stores is an online store of 12 volt products and appliances. They offer a wide range of portable products of many leading brands and at affordable price. For more details browse visit Hebron Stores.

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