12 Volt Coolers: A Smart Choice for the Road Trip

Have your food and drinks cool on go with smart 12 volt coolers.  These 12 volt coolers helps keeping your food and drinks cool when traveling, especially in the summer season can be a problem. These portable coolers are the perfect choice for those who want to store their belongings and keep them fresh for a long time.

Features of 12 Volt Coolers

The 12 volt coolers are compact in design and can be stored conveniently even where space is a constraint. They have only single operating unit and hence, easy to carry and move. Portable coolers are suitable for recreational applications on account of their lightweight design, the absence of moving parts, insensitivity to tilting and motion and the easy operation with 12 volt batteries. These coolers are much better than regular coolers that waste space for ice. 12 volt coolers keep food and beverages dry and cold while saving energy to a great extent.

Benefits of 12 Volt Coolers

  • Portability: You can carry these 12 volt coolers anywhere you travel to, and it will serve you freedom during travel. This makes them perfect for long journeys, trips, overnight stays, fishing, boating and camping.
  • Convenience: This cooler can plug into any 12 volt DC supply easily available in vehicles. It offers you the convenience of keeping drinks cold and food fresh. You require no ice to keep your stuff cold.
  • Reliability: As there is only one moving part, the 12 volt cooler has nothing that wears out. The cooler fan is designed to be durable and operates for years together without any repair or maintenance required.
  • Economy: With a great cooling capacity and storage, the cooler eliminates the costs of stopping at vending machines and roadside stores for drinks and food. You can save money by carrying food and drinks right from your home for the entire journey.
  • Efficiency: 12 volt coolers are designed to cool up to 25 degree Celsius below the outside temperature to keep the things cool and fresh for a long time using very low power.

About Hebron Stores

Hebron Stores is an online store of 12 volt products and appliances. They offer a wide range of portable products of many leading brands and at affordable price. For more details browse visit Hebron Stores.

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