Where to Find the Best RV Water Heaters

A constant supply of hot water is essential when travelling in an RV. Hot water is useful for daily chores, even in warm weather. It is a necessity if you are vacationing in colder weather. Most RVs come with some form of water heating equipment, and an owner can further augment it with aftermarket parts. There are a number of different RV water heating products available. Here are some examples of popular RV water heaters in the market:

Atwood Water Heaters: This is the most common type among all RV water heaters in the market. In terms of size and capacity, this product may seem inferior to others. But when it comes to performance, it can easily outclass the competition. Extremely light and fuel efficient, Atwood water heaters heat up water very fast, and the maximum temperature attained by this heater is the highest among popular brands.

Suburban Water Heaters: Suburban water heaters come with a variety of features and tank sizes. Models operating on various fuel or energy sources like propane, electric, etc. give an RV owner several options to choose from. The models have a very high recovery rate of 10.2 gallons per hour, and well-designed insulation ensures even and uniform heating with no cold water “sandwiches”.Heaters that use both gas and electric heating can result in even higher recovery rates. Installation is convenient and easy, allowing you to replace existing units from other manufacturers without any problems.

Girard Tank-less RV Water Heater: If you are thinking of environment friendly RV water heater, then this is the obvious choice. Compared to other available products in the market, it consumes nearly sixty percent less power to operate, and with no compromises on the performance front. Moreover, you will never have to worry about storing the water, as it is totally tank-less. This benefits these water heaters further as users do not have to deal with recovery rates or insulation problems that affect traditional tank based water heaters.


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