Understanding the Functioning of RV Water Heaters

RV water heaters are essential for you to use the vehicle for what it was intended for – camping. These heaters are made mostly by two companies – Suburban and Atwood. They are similar in terms of how they work, with the primary difference being that Suburban uses an anode rod while the Atwood heaters do not.

RV water heaters, in essence, function in the same way as standard heaters in your home. The tank receives hot water from the water supply. Once the tank is full, you can put on the switches or the pilot for the gas-powered heaters. The water takes around 15-20 minutes to heat up and you can then use the hot water. The difference between RV water heaters and the ones at home lie in the components. Here is a brief look at the essential elements of these heaters. The basic details will help you know more about these heaters and get the best performance out of them.

•Source of power: The heaters mostly have two sources of power – electric and liquid propane gas. You can use either of the modes or both if you want to hasten the heating time. The power heats up the water and heater supplies it to you through the hot water outlets. Some RVs also have a third way of heating water. It uses the waste heat from the engine to heat the water while you are driving the vehicle.

•Size of the tank: The water heaters mostly come in two sizes – 6 and 10 gallons. Some tanks provide around 16 gallons by super heating the water and mixing it with cold water so you get more. If you usually prefer to camp away from campsites, then it may be better if you use a larger tank. The bigger tank is also better if you have a large family.

•Safety devices: Water heaters have inbuilt safety devices. These ensure the heaters run without any danger to you. One of these devices is the relief valve that releases water if the water supply pressure reaches 50 PSI. These safety devices and switches also allow you to shut down the heater quickly if you think it is not working properly.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure the heaters operate as intended. You can take the RV to a garage to get the heaters and other parts checked regularly. You can also try your hand at doing standard maintenance work yourself on the heaters if you are a hands-on person.


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