5 Incredibly Useful Features of a Voyager Observation System

The Jensen group has always been a leader in car accessories. They have been developing vehicle and carriage accessories since 1886. Their standards of quality have never faltered. The Voyager Observation System is a modern innovation and stands up to the benchmark ideals set by numerous other products from Jensen.

Voyager car observation systems are used to maintain and enhance the safety of a vehicle, the occupants, and the people around the vehicle or on the road. These car observation systems enable you to anticipate potential collisions or accidents as well as assist in parking or backing up into narrow spaces. Voyager observation systems are highly useful in several tricky situations. Their primary features are described here.

•Rear View Sans Blind Spots: Standard Voyager observation system comes with a 7” LCD that provides a colored real time image from a camera in the vehicle’s read. Combined with distance sensors, this enables you to see clearly, gauge distance and differentiate between objects behind your car. The screen also has mirror image option that makes the image appear as it would in a rear view mirror, useful when you are used to traditional mirrors.

•Wireless Control: The camera provided with the system has a wireless controller, so you do not have to worry about loose connections and stray cables. You can adjust the camera view from your dashboard rather with simple touches. You can also adjust the camera focus and color quality so you can easily see what is really going on behind your back.

•12-volt Connection: The voyager observation system works off a 12-volt connection. This is perfect for all cars, trucks, RVs, etc. In some cases, one may use marine batteries to power up a voyager observations system that is set up as a security system on a farm or other remote location.

•High-Tech Camera: The camera in the standard Voyager observation system has an ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor offering high-performance color optics and excellent image reproduction even in low light and bright conditions. The camera is also completely waterproof and housed in a machined Aluminum body.

•Temperature and Vibration Resistant: The Voyager observation system is not affected by high or low temperature. The various components are also resistant to jerks and bumps. The view remains perfect and intact on bumpy roads regardless of snow, rain, or heat.


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