Things to Consider When Choosing Energy Efficient RV Furnaces

A Recreation Vehicle (RV) needs to be furnished with the comforts and luxuries that most people have at home. This includes an air conditioner, refrigerator, stereo, water heater, TV, and furnace in addition to other amenities. This makes an RV a true motorhome for people on the move. It also makes it easier and more comfortable to travel in such a well-equipped vehicle.

You cannot and should not buy just any air conditioner, TV, or furnace for your RV or caravan. All of these appliances need to be made and optimized for the rough conditions that an RV has to go through including bumpy surfaces, inclines, constant vibration, extreme weather, etc. They must be energy-efficient as well since a direct power source is not going to be available all the time to operate them. They need to work well without being a major burden on the car battery or any other source that can be used in a moving vehicle.

If you are planning to buy an energy-efficient RV furnace for your RV soon, here are a few things to consider.

The RV furnace must have an electronic ignition to be energy-efficient even if you buy a premixed gas/air model. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs. An electronic ignition means no gas wastage on the pilot in addition to sealed forced draft combustion.

A good RV furnace will have ducted or direct discharge with side or bottom ducting options. Economic and safe RV furnaces can help you stay warm through the chilliest nights of the year.

It is important to buy a furnace that has a safety overheat protection system. You can be sure that you and your family will be safe even if the furnace overheats.

Some RV furnace models are more energy-efficient than the others. You can go online to read more about them by reading expert reviews or customer feedback. It would be helpful to create a list of products you can consider to buy as per their ratings. You can compare a few of the shortlisted models based on their efficiency and price to find the right one for your vehicle.


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