What You May Not Know About RV Water Heaters

Water heaters add to creature comforts in an RV. Across all the uses of an RV water heater, the need for uniform heat in the water on demand exists. This typically needs to be achieved without having to spend a lot of money on replacement of parts due to the action of hot water on substances they are in contact with. The need for a good RV water heater should be addressed with certain features in mind. Here is a quick look at some of the features that your heater should possess.

Quality of tanks and their lining

The quality of the water tanks needs to be the best. Choose a product where the tanks are checked for integrity to ensure that they are safe and stable throughout the usage cycle. The inner lining of the tanks is another crucial aspect that needs to be checked. Hot water, tends to have a wear and tear or corrosive effect on all metal they remain in contact with. One of the few materials that do not get affected are porcelain. Therefore, choose a RV water heater that uses porcelain lined water tanks.  This will prevent the need for frequent replacements of tanks.

Quick cycles keeping the heat in the tanks

Water tank technology has advanced to an extent where copolymer insulation jackets are specially manufactured to mold with the tanks. This keeps the water hot after it has been heated. This is a great improvement over models where the water frequently cooled down. Choose models of RV water heaters that rely on this insulation method to keep the heat in.  This will help you enjoy nice warm or hot water continuously.

Ease of installation and maintenance

RV water heaters need to be chosen on the basis of ease of installation. You really would not be amused to find a heater that requires a very complex installation procedure. One of the drawbacks of a complicated installation is the difficulty in maintenance. Look for a RV water heater where the controls are easily accessible, in addition to a design that does not mar the exterior of the vehicle.


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