Things to Consider When Choosing Energy Efficient RV Furnaces

A Recreation Vehicle (RV) needs to be furnished with the comforts and luxuries that most people have at home. This includes an air conditioner, refrigerator, stereo, water heater, TV, and furnace in addition to other amenities. This makes an RV a true motorhome for people on the move. It also makes it easier and more comfortable to travel in such a well-equipped vehicle.

You cannot and should not buy just any air conditioner, TV, or furnace for your RV or caravan. All of these appliances need to be made and optimized for the rough conditions that an RV has to go through including bumpy surfaces, inclines, constant vibration, extreme weather, etc. They must be energy-efficient as well since a direct power source is not going to be available all the time to operate them. They need to work well without being a major burden on the car battery or any other source that can be used in a moving vehicle.

If you are planning to buy an energy-efficient RV furnace for your RV soon, here are a few things to consider.

The RV furnace must have an electronic ignition to be energy-efficient even if you buy a premixed gas/air model. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs. An electronic ignition means no gas wastage on the pilot in addition to sealed forced draft combustion.

A good RV furnace will have ducted or direct discharge with side or bottom ducting options. Economic and safe RV furnaces can help you stay warm through the chilliest nights of the year.

It is important to buy a furnace that has a safety overheat protection system. You can be sure that you and your family will be safe even if the furnace overheats.

Some RV furnace models are more energy-efficient than the others. You can go online to read more about them by reading expert reviews or customer feedback. It would be helpful to create a list of products you can consider to buy as per their ratings. You can compare a few of the shortlisted models based on their efficiency and price to find the right one for your vehicle.


Things to Consider While Buying a Portable Car Heater

Convenience and comfort have become an essential part of the traveling. If you enjoy being on the move, you just need to have a few comforts such as refrigerator, TV, heater, etc. that you usually have at home. It will make your car function like a great motorhome.

Car heater is an important appliance that you must have in your car. It will keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Even though there are plenty of car heater models that you can get in your car when you buy it, these stationary heaters are seldom as effective as portable car heaters.

Portable car heaters are designed with keeping in mind the weather conditions and rough traveling conditions. Consequently, they are more sturdy and durable than other car heaters. They are also far more energy efficient and hence, environment-friendly.

Important things to consider while purchasing a portable car heater are explained here.

•Needs: The first thing that you must be clear about is your specific need for which you are buying the portable car heater. Once you will have a fair idea about your exact needs then you can make a better decision for buying them because there are so many other options in the market which can make you feel overwhelmed.

•Brand & Model: There are plenty of reputed brands specializing in portable car heaters. You must consider a few that you think meet your exact needs. You can go to the company websites to find the best models.

•Warranty Period: Once you have a few heaters worth buying, check the warranty they come with. A sufficient warranty period ensures that the product will last long. It allows you to have a good return on investment on your hard earned money.

•Attractive Price: When you have shortlisted a few products, make sure to go online to find the best price of the model. You will be able to find good deals and discounts if you do your research diligently. While buying online, selecting a reputed vendor is also important. Make sure that you are buying something that will serve you well for the years to come. You should try to maintain a good balance between quality and affordability when you buy a portable car heater.

5 Incredibly Useful Features of a Voyager Observation System

The Jensen group has always been a leader in car accessories. They have been developing vehicle and carriage accessories since 1886. Their standards of quality have never faltered. The Voyager Observation System is a modern innovation and stands up to the benchmark ideals set by numerous other products from Jensen.

Voyager car observation systems are used to maintain and enhance the safety of a vehicle, the occupants, and the people around the vehicle or on the road. These car observation systems enable you to anticipate potential collisions or accidents as well as assist in parking or backing up into narrow spaces. Voyager observation systems are highly useful in several tricky situations. Their primary features are described here.

•Rear View Sans Blind Spots: Standard Voyager observation system comes with a 7” LCD that provides a colored real time image from a camera in the vehicle’s read. Combined with distance sensors, this enables you to see clearly, gauge distance and differentiate between objects behind your car. The screen also has mirror image option that makes the image appear as it would in a rear view mirror, useful when you are used to traditional mirrors.

•Wireless Control: The camera provided with the system has a wireless controller, so you do not have to worry about loose connections and stray cables. You can adjust the camera view from your dashboard rather with simple touches. You can also adjust the camera focus and color quality so you can easily see what is really going on behind your back.

•12-volt Connection: The voyager observation system works off a 12-volt connection. This is perfect for all cars, trucks, RVs, etc. In some cases, one may use marine batteries to power up a voyager observations system that is set up as a security system on a farm or other remote location.

•High-Tech Camera: The camera in the standard Voyager observation system has an ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor offering high-performance color optics and excellent image reproduction even in low light and bright conditions. The camera is also completely waterproof and housed in a machined Aluminum body.

•Temperature and Vibration Resistant: The Voyager observation system is not affected by high or low temperature. The various components are also resistant to jerks and bumps. The view remains perfect and intact on bumpy roads regardless of snow, rain, or heat.

Engel 12-Volt Refrigerator: Can The Economics of Going Organic Be Found In Your Refrigerator?

World of electronics and appliances is ever changing as are the demands and needs of consumers. The Engel 12-volt refrigerator is a result of technological development and emerging consumer behavior. Engel has provided refrigeration solutions for over 50 years, and their products have continuously evolved, always staying at the edge of technology. They are quite literally legends in refrigeration. Their 12-volt refrigerators among the most loved products for adventurers and travelers.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators are exceptionally handy and spacious. They use a revolutionary ‘swing compressor technology,’ which was originally developed 40 years ago. It is a true reciprocating compressor with only one moving part. It does not include any bearings, cranks, or con-rods. This results in the least friction and extreme efficiency. It is the efficiency that has made them extremely popular among consumers, since they use very little power. This has the obvious benefit of lower associated costs from over-use of your car or marine battery.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators are light weight and use less power than any other similar refrigerator. Most models are compatible with both AC and DC power sources. You can also run Engel 12-volt refrigerator on solar power. Many semi trucks and RVs use solar panels these days. They not only provide a dependable power back–up, but are also a form of green renewable energy. Solar energy is free and can be used anywhere during the day.

Some models of Engel 12-volt refrigerators can be connected to an 85-watt solar panel directly. You can use it for as long as you want. Some companies also manufacture custom solar panels for the Engel 12-volt refrigerators. This will save your car battery and is an eco-friendly way of utilizing energy. These solar panels also come with a 12-volt adapter so that you can charge your car battery with it too.

An Engel 12-volt refrigerator with an 85-watt solar panel may cost a little more but it will definitely eliminate your dependence on your car battery. This can add to battery life and also lower maintenance costs, saving money in long run. Engel 12-volt refrigerators are durable enough that they last for 7 to 10 years before they need any major repair. With a renewable, clean and uninterrupted power supply, they will serve you well for many years to come.

12 Volt Coolers: A Smart Choice for the Road Trip

12 Volt Coolers It becomes quite difficult to keep your drinks and food fresh in the hot summer days, the 12 volt coolers can be a solution to this problem. Keeping your food and drinks cool when traveling, especially in the summer season can be a problem. These portable coolers are the perfect choice for those who want to store their belongings and keep them fresh for a long time.

Features of 12 Volt Coolers

The 12 volt coolers are compact in design and can be stored conveniently even where space is a constraint. They have only single operating unit and hence, easy to carry and move. Portable coolers are suitable for recreational applications on account of their lightweight design, the absence of moving parts, insensitivity to tilting and motion and the easy operation with 12 volt batteries. These coolers are much better than regular coolers that waste space for ice. 12 volt coolers keep food and beverages dry and cold while saving energy to a great extent.

Benefits of 12 Volt Coolers

  • Portability: You can carry these 12 volt coolers anywhere you travel to, and it will serve you freedom during travel. This makes them perfect for long journeys, trips, overnight stays, fishing, boating and camping.
  • Convenience: This cooler can plug into any 12 volt DC supply easily available in vehicles. It offers you the convenience of keeping drinks cold and food fresh. You require no ice to keep your stuff cold.
  • Reliability: As there is only one moving part, the 12 volt cooler has nothing that wears out. The cooler fan is designed to be durable and operates for years together without any repair or maintenance required.
  • Economy: With a great cooling capacity and storage, the cooler eliminates the costs of stopping at vending machines and roadside stores for drinks and food. You can save money by carrying food and drinks right from your home for the entire journey.
  • Efficiency: 12 volt coolers are designed to cool up to 25 degree Celsius below the outside temperature to keep the things cool and fresh for a long time using very low power.

Get 12 Volt TV/DVD at a Reasonable Price Range

Having a good television and DVD set is always a great way to unwind, after a stressful day in the workplace. And, with the football season on the go, it is no wonder that the sale of television and DVD sets have increased tremendously over the past few weeks. Since you can now buy the television sets online, people are crowding up the online appliance store to order their brand new 12-volt television sets.

And, needs and taste of each person differ. Understanding this fact, the online appliances store offer different types and sizes of television, at the most affordable rate. Only because of the lesser price coated on the models on the online store, in comparison with the physical ones, has made purchasing television online a good trend. Of course, and also the variety you get in them too.

For instance, you can get television set with screen size of 15 inches to 26 inches in these stores. That means you can have the option of going in for any type of screen, depending upon your television space at home. Similarly, there are many excellent television brands, which come with built-in speakers and DVD players too. So, when you purchase a television, you would also end up with a DVD at the same cost. Now, this is what we call an excellent deal to grab on.

Choices are many, when it comes to purchasing television and DVD sets from online stores. So, it is up to you which one you need for your drawing room. Also, with most of them being delivered at your doorstep, free of charges, it is best deal you can get for a long time.

Get a list of all types of television sets and DVD players available on the stores and save money in the process too!