Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a 12-volt DVD Player

Car DVD players can be highly useful for long road trips where you just want to drive peacefully while listening to your favorite songs. These are a good option when you are going out with your family or friends. Kids can get grumpy if they have to sit idle for a long duration without having anything to entertain them. It would help other people sitting in the car pass time by listening to music or watching movies on the DVD player. If everyone else is sleeping, you can concentrate on driving while your favorite playlist relaxes you.

If you are going to buy a car DVD player, here some important things are mentioned that you should consider before buying a 12-volt DVD player.

Type of the DVD player: The major feature that you should consider while buying a car DVD player is that if it has a display or not. DVD players without a display are only able to play audio files and it depends on your personal choice if you want a DVD player with a display or not. Nothing comes for free and DVD players with a display will also cost you more than the standard one that just plays audio. 

Additional Features: Another important thing is the features of the DVD player. It may have various features that will increase your comfort during the trip. Modern DVD players have so many features that can make your trip enjoyable. The DVD player may have a USB port that can play songs or movies through a flash drive. It is important as you do not have to carry a bulk of DVDs and CDs. Just put all of your favorite songs and movies in the USB drive and you are sorted. You can also install the display on the back of your seat’s headrests or on the rooftop of your car as it will be more comfortable for the passengers to watch movies and videos. Make sure that the one you are willing to buy can play all types of video and audio formats. 

Cost of the DVD Player and Setup: It is one factor that decides the end result of your shopping. The price of the DVD player can be or cannot be in your budget. For that, you have to keep the budget slightly flexible. This will help you to go up or down and not to miss your favorite product or a useful feature you did not know about before. You should be able to find good deals on 12-volt DVD player online. This will help you get a great product at an affordable rate. Setting up the player may also mean some additional expenses. A little leeway in your budget will allow you to invest in cables and wires of higher quality and other good-to-have utilities like cable management tools.


Engel 12-Volt Refrigerator: Can The Economics of Going Organic Be Found In Your Refrigerator?

World of electronics and appliances is ever changing as are the demands and needs of consumers. The Engel 12-volt refrigerator is a result of technological development and emerging consumer behavior. Engel has provided refrigeration solutions for over 50 years, and their products have continuously evolved, always staying at the edge of technology. They are quite literally legends in refrigeration. Their 12-volt refrigerators among the most loved products for adventurers and travelers.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators are exceptionally handy and spacious. They use a revolutionary ‘swing compressor technology,’ which was originally developed 40 years ago. It is a true reciprocating compressor with only one moving part. It does not include any bearings, cranks, or con-rods. This results in the least friction and extreme efficiency. It is the efficiency that has made them extremely popular among consumers, since they use very little power. This has the obvious benefit of lower associated costs from over-use of your car or marine battery.

Engel 12-volt refrigerators are light weight and use less power than any other similar refrigerator. Most models are compatible with both AC and DC power sources. You can also run Engel 12-volt refrigerator on solar power. Many semi trucks and RVs use solar panels these days. They not only provide a dependable power back–up, but are also a form of green renewable energy. Solar energy is free and can be used anywhere during the day.

Some models of Engel 12-volt refrigerators can be connected to an 85-watt solar panel directly. You can use it for as long as you want. Some companies also manufacture custom solar panels for the Engel 12-volt refrigerators. This will save your car battery and is an eco-friendly way of utilizing energy. These solar panels also come with a 12-volt adapter so that you can charge your car battery with it too.

An Engel 12-volt refrigerator with an 85-watt solar panel may cost a little more but it will definitely eliminate your dependence on your car battery. This can add to battery life and also lower maintenance costs, saving money in long run. Engel 12-volt refrigerators are durable enough that they last for 7 to 10 years before they need any major repair. With a renewable, clean and uninterrupted power supply, they will serve you well for many years to come.

Understanding the Functioning of RV Water Heaters

RV water heaters are essential for you to use the vehicle for what it was intended for – camping. These heaters are made mostly by two companies – Suburban and Atwood. They are similar in terms of how they work, with the primary difference being that Suburban uses an anode rod while the Atwood heaters do not.

RV water heaters, in essence, function in the same way as standard heaters in your home. The tank receives hot water from the water supply. Once the tank is full, you can put on the switches or the pilot for the gas-powered heaters. The water takes around 15-20 minutes to heat up and you can then use the hot water. The difference between RV water heaters and the ones at home lie in the components. Here is a brief look at the essential elements of these heaters. The basic details will help you know more about these heaters and get the best performance out of them.

•Source of power: The heaters mostly have two sources of power – electric and liquid propane gas. You can use either of the modes or both if you want to hasten the heating time. The power heats up the water and heater supplies it to you through the hot water outlets. Some RVs also have a third way of heating water. It uses the waste heat from the engine to heat the water while you are driving the vehicle.

•Size of the tank: The water heaters mostly come in two sizes – 6 and 10 gallons. Some tanks provide around 16 gallons by super heating the water and mixing it with cold water so you get more. If you usually prefer to camp away from campsites, then it may be better if you use a larger tank. The bigger tank is also better if you have a large family.

•Safety devices: Water heaters have inbuilt safety devices. These ensure the heaters run without any danger to you. One of these devices is the relief valve that releases water if the water supply pressure reaches 50 PSI. These safety devices and switches also allow you to shut down the heater quickly if you think it is not working properly.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure the heaters operate as intended. You can take the RV to a garage to get the heaters and other parts checked regularly. You can also try your hand at doing standard maintenance work yourself on the heaters if you are a hands-on person.

Get Yourself the Best Suburban RV Water Heater

Water heaters are one of the essential products that are required in every premise, an office, farm, or a residential establishment. While there are several models of water heaters available in the market today, the RV suburban ones take the price for their efficiency and low maintenance cost.

The life of a water heater is entirely dependent upon the kind of water we use. Water is the worst enemy to any metal and can corrode it slowly but surely, after some point of time. Since, water heaters are the best environments for this corrosion, we see scaling, corrosion in any variety we purchase.  However, one water heater that shows resistance to water and all its effects are the RV Suburban water heaters.

The Suburban RV heaters are one step ahead in the technology and have porcelain lining on them to prevent scaling or corrosion. The porcelain, as we know, is not susceptible to corrosion, even if water is stored for months together. Thus, the life of your suburban tank will last longer and will require much less maintenance than its contemporaries.

Also, the copolymer insulation jacket in the suburban heaters prevents the heat from escaping, thereby reducing the cold water cycles. Hence, when you use the RV suburban water heater, you end up with saving energy as well as money spent on it, due to its excellent engineering.

So, the next time you plan on buying a water heater for your home, do not forget to check out the various models of RV heaters available on the online store. With their efficiency and long lasting capacity, these RV suburban heaters can give you the best value for your money.

Where to Find the Best RV Water Heaters

A constant supply of hot water is essential when travelling in an RV. Hot water is useful for daily chores, even in warm weather. It is a necessity if you are vacationing in colder weather. Most RVs come with some form of water heating equipment, and an owner can further augment it with aftermarket parts. There are a number of different RV water heating products available. Here are some examples of popular RV water heaters in the market:

Atwood Water Heaters: This is the most common type among all RV water heaters in the market. In terms of size and capacity, this product may seem inferior to others. But when it comes to performance, it can easily outclass the competition. Extremely light and fuel efficient, Atwood water heaters heat up water very fast, and the maximum temperature attained by this heater is the highest among popular brands.

Suburban Water Heaters: Suburban water heaters come with a variety of features and tank sizes. Models operating on various fuel or energy sources like propane, electric, etc. give an RV owner several options to choose from. The models have a very high recovery rate of 10.2 gallons per hour, and well-designed insulation ensures even and uniform heating with no cold water “sandwiches”.Heaters that use both gas and electric heating can result in even higher recovery rates. Installation is convenient and easy, allowing you to replace existing units from other manufacturers without any problems.

Girard Tank-less RV Water Heater: If you are thinking of environment friendly RV water heater, then this is the obvious choice. Compared to other available products in the market, it consumes nearly sixty percent less power to operate, and with no compromises on the performance front. Moreover, you will never have to worry about storing the water, as it is totally tank-less. This benefits these water heaters further as users do not have to deal with recovery rates or insulation problems that affect traditional tank based water heaters.

12 Volt TV providing entertainment with less power consumption

Want to enjoy a bit of entertainment while on the go? The best way to do it is a portable 12-volt television set.

Either you are planning for a big screen television set for your garage or a smaller one to accompany you on long journeys; the portable TVs are the best choice available today.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, they can be plugged into simple sockets anywhere, and can give you non-stop entertainment for hours together. Even a simple cigarette lighter socket can charge the battery on these portable television sets, making it the best option to take along on a picnic or a trip to the mountains in summer.

The best part of the 12-volt television set is that it does not consume too much energy as its counterparts. The TV is designed to take in less load and give out more in terms of the picture or sound quality.

SO, for instance, imagine you are planning to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, but would like to take your entertainment. A 12 volt TV, with a DVD option, is the best bet for you and your family. Wherever you are, you can simply charge it on the smallest station, and enjoy uninterrupted fun, without worrying about the energy costs.

The 12-volt television is, thus, versatile and cost-effective. Since they are available in all ranges, one can pick the suitable set, according to the necessity. With its less power conception and low maintenance, 12-volt television is a perfect companion for those long and lonely weekends.

12 Volt Coolers: A Smart Choice for the Road Trip

Have your food and drinks cool on go with smart 12 volt coolers.  These 12 volt coolers helps keeping your food and drinks cool when traveling, especially in the summer season can be a problem. These portable coolers are the perfect choice for those who want to store their belongings and keep them fresh for a long time.

Features of 12 Volt Coolers

The 12 volt coolers are compact in design and can be stored conveniently even where space is a constraint. They have only single operating unit and hence, easy to carry and move. Portable coolers are suitable for recreational applications on account of their lightweight design, the absence of moving parts, insensitivity to tilting and motion and the easy operation with 12 volt batteries. These coolers are much better than regular coolers that waste space for ice. 12 volt coolers keep food and beverages dry and cold while saving energy to a great extent.

Benefits of 12 Volt Coolers

  • Portability: You can carry these 12 volt coolers anywhere you travel to, and it will serve you freedom during travel. This makes them perfect for long journeys, trips, overnight stays, fishing, boating and camping.
  • Convenience: This cooler can plug into any 12 volt DC supply easily available in vehicles. It offers you the convenience of keeping drinks cold and food fresh. You require no ice to keep your stuff cold.
  • Reliability: As there is only one moving part, the 12 volt cooler has nothing that wears out. The cooler fan is designed to be durable and operates for years together without any repair or maintenance required.
  • Economy: With a great cooling capacity and storage, the cooler eliminates the costs of stopping at vending machines and roadside stores for drinks and food. You can save money by carrying food and drinks right from your home for the entire journey.
  • Efficiency: 12 volt coolers are designed to cool up to 25 degree Celsius below the outside temperature to keep the things cool and fresh for a long time using very low power.